Impression of the Dag van de Architectuur Amsterdam 2016

Last Sunday was the Dag van de Architetuur Amsterdam 2016 at Buiksloterham. During Amsterdam’s architecture day I helped out as a volunteer, accompanying visitors of the Bosrankstraat to the various sites, whilst providing background information during the tours.

Dag van de Architectuur 2016 - 2 van 3
Wim Aardenburg showing visitors his innovative glass house
Dag van de Architectuur 2016 - 3 van 3
View towards John Zondag’s house where is actively showing round visitors

All in all, it was one of the busiest DvdA’s to date and the feedback of both vistors and participating neighbours was great. Special thanks to the DvdA organisation, architects Jannie VinkeWim Aardenburg, John Zondag, Thomas Dill and Gerald Lindner, as well as other participants for the great enthusiasm and energy during the day!