@TU Delft. Sustainable Boat Week

The assignment for the course Engineering for Sustainable Development, known colloquially as the Sustainable Boat Week, is to perform a backcasting assignment on a desired, to be developed sustainable future; in this case in relation to packaging waste in day-to-day products as distributed by Dutch supermarkets. The course and its final report illustrate the way the students as a group designed a possible route towards a sustainable future in relation to packaging waste caused by day-to-day food consumption. For this, the report was based on the five-step backcasting method as described by Quist (2013). You can access the full report by using the link below. This course is part of the graduation annotation Technology in Sustainable Development (TiDO in Dutch).

WM0939TU Final report – Materials Group

MSc 2 - Sustainable Boat Week Poster